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NetSuite How-To: Automatically Email Searches and Reports

NetSuite How-to: Set up EMAIL Search and reporting

Increase automation for better efficiency. Setting up saved searches and reports to email automatically can save time and get information into the hands of those who need it quickly. Reports can be scheduled to send to specific employees, but also vendors or customers. This feature is helpful to send daily inventory reports, sales reports, marketing

NetSuite Implementation: Direct or Partner?


NetSuite the most-used cloud business software on the market, as you probably have heard if you are here. If you’ve made the decision to look at NetSuite, you know the platform offers cost-effective streamlined business processes and real-time access to key information anytime anywhere. If you’ve been doing due diligence, you know there are countless ways

NetSuite ERP Automotive Case Study

Automotive NetSuite cause study - customer success

Protelo helps West Coast Differentials Grease the Wheels for Successful Wholesale Distribution The Client West Coast Differentials is a leading distributor of automotive differentials in the Western United States, with distribution reaching nationwide. Operating for over 25 years, the wholesale distributor built a reputation for timely orders, stellar customer service, and an easy buying process.