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Dynamically Created Fields in NetSuite: Part II

2020 NetSuite tips and tricks

In our previous blog post, NetSuite How-To: Dynamic Fields on Saved Searches, we covered tips and tricks that will allow NetSuite users to quickly create fields that can be dynamically populated by a Saved Search. However, a challenge arises, what if you want to use those fields in a separate Saved Search? NetSuite won’t allow

NetSuite How-To: Dynamic Fields on Saved Searches

create a saved search that can populate a custom field

NetSuite provides many ways to tailor the system to your exact business needs, whether it be through workflows or saved searches to aid in efficiency and productiveness. But the important tip comes with knowing what to customize. One of NetSuite’s most powerful functions is the ability to create fields that separate data from within the

Protelo Year In Review: The Best Moments from 2019

Protelo and NetSuite 2019 highlights

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to sit back and acknowledge the top moments at Protelo this year. Protelo is dedicated to our customers, employees and to making businesses better through our award-winning NetSuite services, solutions, integrations, and implementations. Our team has accomplished another year of strong results, as we expanded

Tis the Season for Planning and Budgeting

NetSuite planning and budgeting

Planning and preparing your business for the future can be as difficult as it is essential, but it shouldn’t be guesswork. As 2019 is quickly coming to an end, many companies are rapidly brainstorming to think out of the box to plan, predict and set financial goals for the new year and into the future.

NetSuite Sandbox: Should you have one?

the importance of a netsuite sandbox

What is NetSuite Sandbox? NetSuite’s flexible and dynamic platform provides users with the convenience of creating customizations and building new functionalities to meet their exact business requirements. The NetSuite sandbox is a separate environment within NetSuite that allows users to test customizations and try out new features without their production account being affected. Your business

How to Define, Customize and Access a Saved Search

NetSuite Saved search overview

NetSuite Saved Search Overview NetSuite offers robust tools that allow businesses to collect up-to-the-minute, real-time business information regarding any record inside the system. NetSuite saved searches effectively emphasize important details throughout all records in NetSuite and provide reporting and tracking for further analysis. Saved search makes it possible to search for records by keywords, match

NetSuite vs SAP Business One

NetSuite vs SAP Business One - How to know the difference

Businesses are embracing the importance of a cloud-based ERP system and feeling the urgency to modernize. In order to lay a complete foundation for business expansion and growth, companies are understanding that their former methods are not today’s industry standards. The modernization of the entire IT framework is essential for businesses to ensure clarity, visibility,