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NetSuite Sandbox: Should you have one?

the importance of a netsuite sandbox

What is NetSuite Sandbox? NetSuite’s flexible and dynamic platform provides users with the convenience of creating customizations and building new functionalities to meet their exact business requirements. The NetSuite sandbox is a separate environment within NetSuite that allows users to test customizations and try out new features without their production account being affected. Your business

How to Define, Customize and Access a Saved Search

NetSuite Saved Search Overview

NetSuite Saved Search Overview NetSuite offers robust tools that allow businesses to collect up-to-the-minute, real-time business information regarding any record inside the system. NetSuite saved searches effectively emphasize important details throughout all records in NetSuite and provide reporting and tracking for further analysis. Saved search makes it possible to search for records by keywords, match

NetSuite vs SAP Business One

NetSuite vs SAP Business One - How to know the difference

Businesses are embracing the importance of a cloud-based ERP system and feeling the urgency to modernize. In order to lay a complete foundation for business expansion and growth, companies are understanding that their former methods are not today’s industry standards. The modernization of the entire IT framework is essential for businesses to ensure clarity, visibility,

Choose what notifications to send your customers or vendors

NetSuite notifications

NetSuite has the wonderful ability to send emails for almost every transaction. Opportunity, Quote, Sales Order, Item Fulfillment, Invoice, Credit Memo and Return Authorization just to name a few. This preference is enabled when the Email Transactions checkbox is checked in the Preferences subtab of the customer or vendor record. (Location may change if working

Adding Client Scripts on “View” of Record


Is there something you would like to change on page record to be displayed differently, but don’t want to re-write the entire record page into a Suitelet? Do you want to customize a record to provide for a better user experience? It can be done with a few easy steps. Follow this guide to get


Custom NetSuite KPI Tips

The ability to create and customize KPIs tailored to your individual role allows businesses to change and adapt effectively. One of the most significant components of NetSuite is the ability to have a real-time, 360 view of your business on a single dashboard. Visibility is critical to understanding your business, increasing efficiency, and distinguishing the

NetSuite Sales Tax How-To: Reporting Non-Taxable Sales

Sales Tax Reporting (Non-taxable Sales Revenue

Filing sales tax returns are becoming more complex in recent history than in prior years. Tax entities in various states are becoming savvier to the online sales market as a neglected revenue stream, and the laws have been changing to keep pace with the states’ demands for collecting on lost opportunities. As a result, the


19.2 NetSuite Release Notes

It’s that time of the year folks! NetSuite is rolling out their second release of the year and it’s full of powerful new features, functions, and enhancements to bring extraordinary business impact. Are you interested to know what’s new? Here at Protelo, we’ve put together some of our favorite and noteworthy highlights to prepare you