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MDM Report Whitepaper Outlook for Wholesale Distribution 2019

2019 Outlook for Wholesale Distribution

Is your business prepared for 2019? Recent mdm research adresses the largest business challenges facing distributors in 2019 and into the future.

The distribution industry appears to be upbeat about 2019 and the expectation for its continued growth. 2018 ended substantially above forecasts, and analysts are anticipating even stronger growth in 2019. The survey put predictions at 5-10% over last year, with 62 percent expecting some level of optimistic growth. Check out the insights to grow your distribution business and learn about:

  • Distributors’ growth predictions
  • Distributors’ technology plans for 2019
  • Key Pain points for distributors
  • Key business objectives and growth initiatives
  • Top challenges for distributors in 2019
  • Plans for controlling costs
  • Distributors’ technology plans for 2019

Top Industry Concerns for 2019

Initial concerns are similar to those in the previous years, customer retention, profitability, revenue growth, better inventory management, training, and improving cash flow. However, in 2019 there are additional worries about falling oil prices, interest rates, and the impact of trade wars and tariffs.

The promising economy has been on an upward trend for the last several years, and companies are running into the technical and logistical challenges of building a complete e-commerce solution to keep up. These concerns have retailers looking inward to see where they can improve productivity, efficiency and are making incremental steps toward a technical modern change.

Technology & Investment Plans

Technology is rapidly changing the way things get done across every industry. According to this mdm report, digitization remains a top priority for successful wholesale distributors. Businesses recognize the importance and the need to modernize, but are pumping the breaks on the cost, complexity and time to make a change.

The top three plans for cutting costs are unchanged from last year’s survey. With 64 percent, improving employee productivity topped survey respondents’ main means for cutting costs. For the eighth year in a row, streamlining or automating manual processes came in at number 2 at 61%, and reducing product costs came in at 27 percent.

According to this 2019 report, Distributors that become a more connected enterprise are increasing their efficiency, cutting costs and experiencing higher levels of returns. An ERP system, such as NetSuite, can unify all facets of the business and provide better warehouse management, cost control visibility, analytics and reporting and more efficient communications.

To see the full insights about the outlook for wholesale distribution in 2019, download the white paper here.
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Outlook for wholesale distribution 2019

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