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Norcal NetSuite user group

Announcing Protelo’s NorCal NetSuite User Group

We are proud to announce the launch of Protelo’s NetSuite User Group – A community for local NetSuite professionals.

What is a NetSuite User Group?

The NorCal NetSuite User Group is a team of locally-based business and IT professionals that have joined together to network, share best practices, answer technical questions, provide solutions as it pertains to NetSuite. With more than 500 million users on LinkedIn and 2 million+ Groups, it is our goal to stand out in the crowd of NetSuite solution providers in the US. With this group our team would like to become the go-to educational NetSuite reference for your team with exclusive content, communication, and generate a local NorCal presence in the industry. Who doesn’t want to learn from other users with all of their ‘ah-ha’ moments and have the ability to ask NetSuite experts questions when you need assistance?

Throughout the next year, Protelo will be planning interactive webinars, meet-ups and more for the NetSuite
User Group.

Who Should Join?

Current NetSuite administrators, executives, power users, and management that want to learn how to get more out of their NetSuite implementation. This group is intended for users of NetSuite products that are regionally located in Northern California but we encourage all users to join. Protelo’s User Group is looking to target NetSuite users in:

NetSuite User Group     Fresno
NetSuite Redding     Modesto
NetSuite Sacramento     Stockton
NetSuite Reno     Redding
NetSuite Tahoe     Reno
NetSuite Redding     Tahoe
NetSuite Truckee     Truckee
NetSuite Chico     Chico
NetSuite Fremont     Fremont
alt=     East Bay
NetSuite Oakland     Oakland
NetSuite Hayward     Hayward
NetSuite Petaluma     Petaluma
NetSuite Santa Rosa     Santa Rosa
NetSuite Grass Valley     Grass Valley
NetSuite Nevada City     Nevada City
NetSuite Napa Valley     Napa Valley
NetSuite Salinas     Salinas
NetSuite Carmel     Carmel
     San Luis Obispo…and beyond

Why Should I join?

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the NorCal NetSuite Group, but here are a highlights:

  • Ask Questions

    Have you ever wondered how other NetSuite users are solving a particular issue or how they’re using a specific feature? Instead of trying to look up the answer yourself, you now have a forum where you can ask your questions to a NetSuite community and hear direct, real-world user solutions.

  • Quality Not Quantity

    We focus on quality members not quantity. Looking at other groups in the industry, we noticed a lot of off topic posts, advertisements and an environment that was not well moderated. The goal of the NorCal NetSuite group is to be the opposite of that. Our highly educated and experienced NetSuite consultants are members of this group to assist and answer questions on a daily basis. Not only are we involved to answer questions, but we offer weekly tips, tricks, shortcuts and informational blogs to keep you informed and involved in all things NetSuite.

  • Discuss Insights and expand your Network

    Connect with other professionals who are also NetSuite-savvy experts! Since you are inside NetSuite every day, solving real-world problems on the job, you are a huge resource to others! Let’s all learn together by sharing our tips and tricks, and proven best practices.

  • A long-term reference

    Our LinkedIn group is like a NetSuite reference guide for important information. We figure you can go back and search for posts, links, discussions and topics on our page and utilize it as a technical resource.

  • How do I become a member?

    Just simply ask to join on our NetSuite User Group page on LinkedIn! Once you join our NorCal NetSuite Group you will recieve virtual training seminars, webinars, informational postings and local events for our educated team and our members.

    NorCal NetSuite User Group

    Protelo NetSuite Solutions Team

    Protelo is a full-service NetSuite team of business, technology, and development based in the US and with offices in Portugal and Poland. We are experts in all areas of NetSuite including ERP, CRM, and SuiteCommerce Advanced. Protelo business consultants have deep experience—an average of 15+ years each—across industries and verticals such as wholesale distribution, manufacturing, services and more. We strive to become a trusted extension of your company and invested in your success.

    We can help you to implement, service and support NetSuite today.

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