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RightSupply Purchase Planning

Advanced Purchase Planning Enhancement Solution for NetSuite

Grow Sales with Less Inventory

Companies that achieve accuracy and efficiency in purchase planning are more productive, achieve higher return on invested capital, realize higher sales and provide better customer service.

How are these companies surpassing best-in-class levels of purchase planning efficiency?

RightSupply Purchase Planning

RightSupply by Protelo is a robust solution that works natively within NetSuite and enhances NetSuite’s out-of-the-box purchasing and planning capabilities. RightSupply can help your company accurately forecast demand and streamline purchasing, planning and replenishment—resulting in optimal inventory levels across the supply chain.

The purchasing team can leverage enhancements to the native features in the NetSuite Demand Planning Module with RightSupply by Protelo for expanded capabilities including:

  • Select, or Detract, Any Set of Transactions To Use in Demand Planning Calculation
  • Increase Visibility of Demand Planning Calculation and Transactional Data
  • Calculate Dynamic Safety Stock for Time-phased Items
  • Simplify Planning of Purchase Orders, Builds and Transfers
  • Works Seamlessly with the Distribution Network and Supply Plan
  • Consolidate Item Quantity Across Multiple Dates into a Single Line Item
  • Optimize Inventory Planning Process
  • Plan Supply to Fulfill Supplier Weight or Cost Minimums

Increase Sales and Profits

Reduce Capital Tied-Up in Inventory

RightSupply Benefits

Eliminate Excess and Obsolete Inventory

Increase Purchase Planning Accuracy

RightSupply Benefits

RightSupply Business Benefits:

  • Reduce Costs of Distribution, Storage and Handling
  • Better Return on Investment
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Service Levels
  • Eliminate Human Error
  • Reduce Manual Processes and Overhead
  • Better Visibility Across Purchasing and Fulfillment

RightSupply Operational Benefits:

  • Manage Inventory used for Build and Production Versus Resell
  • Decrease Out-of-Stocks and Backorders
  • Increase Inventory Turns and Fill Rate
  • Reduce Emergency Shipments
  • Enhance Visibility for More Informed Buying

Interested in RightSupply?

RightSupply is suitable for new NetSuite users and seasoned experts. Enhancing your NetSuite Demand Planning Module provides better ROI and efficiency across the warehouse, purchasing and operations teams. With end-user training available from Protelo, your team can get started with better demand forecasting and replenishment right away.

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Why Do Wholesale Distributors Use NetSuite?

With more than 18,000 customers running on NetSuite, NetSuite is ten times larger than the next largest competitor in the ERP market. A broad range of functionalities with industry-specific support means NetSuite works with your unique business requirements.

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