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Leading Omnichannel System Software to Reinvigorate Your Campus Bookstore Experience

NetSuite Partnership


Examine your business operations in real-time through dashboards, role-based reports, and KPIs to execute analytics-based decisions.

NetSuite Partnership


Store records for inventory, orders, financials, and customers in one unified data system to bypass the labor of multiple point solutions.

NetSuite Partnership


Consolidate business proceedings – from marketing to accounting, point of sale to eCommerce – on an individual, unified system.

Product features

An all-encompassing bookstore management system custom made for the requirements of next-generation campus bookstores.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – Gain visibility on products among all channels. Free tied up capital, prevent stock-outs, and supply product when promised with consolidated inventory information.

POINT OF SALE – Equip retailers with complete visibility of customer and inventory data to interact with customers confidently, maintain product supply, carry out more sales, and provide an exceptional shopping atmosphere.

ECOMMERCE – Leveraging a single commerce system, scale operations and cultivate your multi-brand, global, wholesale, and retail business.

TEXTBOOK MANAGEMENT – Take advantage of features such as rentals, adoptions, campus cards, buybacks, and chargebacks with a top of the line management system for reading materials.

ORDER MANAGEMENT – Facilitate omnichannel operations, lessen inventory holding costs, and expedite the order-to-cash process by linking finance, sales, and order fulfillment to pricing, sales order management, and returns management.

FINANCIALS AND ACCOUNTING – Use dynamic reporting mechanisms to boost staff productivity, accelerate accounting processes, and gain a real-time vision of financial operations.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – Simplify business procedures, enhance performance, and gain better insight into bottom-line costs while managing the ideal inventory blend across the business.

CRM AND MARKETING – Examine customer interactions over multiple business channels in real-time, view campaign progress, and conduct sales incentive compensation.

2019 Outlook for Wholesale Distribution

Protelo provides campus stores with a single source of expertise to implement, customize, integrate, and refine your back-end operations. Protelo has decades of business-process expertise and deep product knowledge and has helped countless companies harness the power of NetSuite.

Our focused approach enables our consultants to render technical expertise with ease, precision, and cost efficiency.

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