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How to Buy NetSuite: A Guide

Whether you are in the beginning stages of your business management software journey, or are ready to decide on NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)—we know you need all the information, including NetSuite pricing.

While researching the NetSuite platform, there is a wealth of information available. We want to make it easy. Here is your definitive guide to NetSuite pricing and getting started on the platform.

How Much Does NetSuite Cost?

NetSuite pricing depends on several factors including business processes, complexity & configuration, the number of users and the scope of the project. The business technology experts at Protelo can help guide your company through this process to reach the end-goal: better productivity, more visibility and control and more efficiency throughout your business.

NetSuite operates as a subscription model. With flexible payments monthly, annually or over longer durations—NetSuite can be implemented at a lower upfront cost than many other major ERP implementations.

NetSuite Base Price 2018

    (before any applicable discounts or add-ons)
  • $999 a Month
  • $99 Per User Per Month
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NetSuite Bundles

Industry-specific and module-specific bundles of advanced functions can be provided as one package for ease of payment and implementation.

Providing an all-in-one system that can work for your business quicker is one of the advantages of NetSuite.

You can build a package for your business across:

4 Types of NetSuite Pricing Licensing Levels

1. 1 user only: Small Business Edition

2. 1-10 users: Limited Edition

3. 11-1,000 users: Mid-Market Edition

4. 1,001+ users: Enterprise Edition

How much does NetSuite cost per user?

Every basic NetSuite user costs $99 per month. For example, if you had 3 users, the total user pricing would cost your company $297 each month. Every employee can use NetSuite, so you may choose to have everyone registered, from a Sales Manager to a CFO.

Limited NetSuite Pricing User Licensing Fees

If some of your employees will only be doing small tasks in NetSuite, such as daily time clocking, they don’t need to be classified as a basic, routine user. Limited users are a popular choice for companies because NetSuite’s limited pricing option comes bundled together. For every 5 employees you have, each user costs less than $20 a month, bringing the limit users’ NetSuite price to $99 a month.

NetSuite Pricing Tiers for Support Help

netsuite cost


Limited NetSuite support. You can email someone during normal business hours, Monday-Friday. You will not be able to reach someone by phone with this package. This support package is best for businesses that have someone in-house who can troubleshoot most NetSuite issues that may arise.

netsuite financial pricing


This is a full support package that allows customers to contact NetSuite 24/7 with any questions or concerns. Up to 4 designated users can call, or email, the support staff at NetSuite. This package is ideal if your company does not have a dedicated member to troubleshoot NetSuite issues.

netsuite erp pricing


This premium level comes with 24/7 support for up to 6 different users. This enterprise-level support helps take care of global customers.

Cost of NetSuite Direct vs NetSuite Partner

Selecting the right NetSuite implementation partner is just as important as selecting the right software for your business. ERP is one of the most important investments businesses take, so it’s crucial for partners to implement the tools successfully.

According to analyst firm Gartner, more than 75% of all ERP implementation projects fail, due to a lack of industry knowledge, clarity of cost, time-scale, functionality, training and resource issues. Knowing this, it would only make sense to appoint a strong team of NetSuite experts.

Some clients choose to work with NetSuite directly for their implementation and utilize partner support for business guidance and consulting. However, the most successful projects we have seen work with partners that are deeply versed in both business and technology from the start. Implementing a business-wide software should be approached strategically, not as lines of code and a software install.

Working with Protelo’s team, you will always receive direct access to our team of NetSuite experts that average over 20 years of business technology experience each. The cost of NetSuite itself will be the same working with a partner versus working with direct, but you will receive the added benefit of a direct line to your project team and business expertise as well.

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Protelo will work with you to finance NetSuite is the way that makes sense for your business. Whether that is paying up-front, or spreading the cost over a period of years, our goal is to make NetSuite affordable and speed up the time-to-market of running NetSuite ERP.

The license fees are paid directly to NetSuite when working with a partner. Our partnership with NetSuite means we can negotiate the lowest costs for your business directly with NetSuite, we will handle all the negotiations for your business to ensure a best price scenario.

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