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Are you frustrated with disruptive software upgrades, version lock, and high IT costs?

Businesses are innovating faster than ever, is your ERP system holding you back?

Between changing market conditions, evolving competitors, and modern customer expectations, businesses need an ERP system that can keep up. Has your organization considered upgrading your ERP system?

According to Forrester, “approximately half of ERP customers are on releases that are two versions behind the current release, which may be four or more years old or more.” It’s time to think beyond your disconnected, patched, bolted on, on-premise ERP system and look to the future!

The challenge of “version-locked on-premise ERP”

The lack of visibility, incomplete data and cumbersome manual processes of an on-premise legacy system inhibits success. Businesses in today’s market need a proven solution that can deploy quickly, provide a single source of data in real-time, accessible from anywhere, on any device, and scale with your growing business.

Operating on a slowly upgraded ERP system is not enough to remain competitive in today’s technical world. An on-premise ERP can drain your budget with IT costs and provide little ability to invest in innovation. If you are running legacy ERP like Microsoft, Sage, Quickbooks and surviving on spreadsheets you’re more than likely struggling to assemble accurate data buried in the ERP due to disconnected systems.

It has never been more important to have a modern ERP designed for today with the ability to grow with you for the future. Say goodbye to costly upgrades, maintenance fees, outdated software, and a disconnected past. Gain a complete advantage with visibility and accessibility of NetSuite’s real-time cloud analytics. Unleash the power of the #1 Cloud ERP to drive growth, lower costs and increase efficiency.

TCO For NetSuite Cloud
The top 4 reasons for organizations moving to the cloud are:

1. Improved business agility

2. Speed of implementation and deployment

3. Faster delivery of new features and functions

4. Support business innovation with new capabilities

With more than 18,000 customers in the cloud, NetSuite is the largest and most successful competitor in the ERP market today.

What is NetSuite software

ERP Comparison

True Cloud Multi-Tenant Saas

  • Accelerated time to value, see value from day one
  • Non-technical, user-friendly configuration for the entire team
  • Low involvement from IT
  • Integrated data support
  • Pay per month, per user
  • Always up to date with the latest upgrades and features
  • Safe, accessible and Secure business information
  • Creates new opportunities for growth and scale

Hosted Single Tenant Saas

  • Moderate implantation size
  • Customizations are troublesome and take time
  • Mandatory for IT resources to be involved
  • Pay per month, per user
  • Upgrades and customization are expensive
  • Requires separate database for each tenant
  • Integrations are limited

On-premise ERP

  • Implementations and upgrades are expensive and lengthy
  • IT resources are required
  • Disconnected data framework
  • Version lock
  • Not secure – requires additional software
  • Large investment with additional hardware costs
NetSuite Cloud vs NetSuite On-Premise ERP

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Through tailored business software development, implementation, services and management, we have assisted HUNDREDS of companies to streamline their business processes and achieve their goals. From the planning stages to managed services, Protelo is an end-to-end provider of NetSuite business software expertise.

Our team strives to understand core business needs, daily operations and provide tailored solutions to achieve your individual goals. Protelo performs in a timely and well-planned manner for every project. Our consultants are open, honest, direct, and get remarkable results.

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