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As an organization, we aim to provide strong, dependable leadership that customers can trust and believe in.

Surveys gathered in 2018 have given Protelo an NPS of 93.

We seek to serve our clients better by continuously asking for their feedback. This helps us gauge how well we’re meeting their expectations and what we can do to improve our service and our relationships. To measure and track our progress, we use a management tool called Net Promoter Score. On the NPS scale of -100 to +100, we strive to reach as close as possible to the perfect score of +100.

We care about what our clients think and feel, and we learn this by listening to their honest and valuable feedback. We’d like to thank each of our clients for taking the time to help us understand what we’re doing well and how we could improve.

Our Clients

Customer Feedback

  • Client
    Maui Jim

    With Protelo, I always feel spoiled. Whenever I call, everyone is available and they get things done as fast as possible.

    Senior Business Analyst, Maui Jim

  • Client
    Fellers, Inc.

    The consultants are sharp and smart. They’ve helped pull us out of fires with skills and knowledge. They’ve come to know our company inside and out, and I couldn’t do my job without the people at Protelo.

    CIO, Fellers, Inc.

  • Client
    Haywood Vocational Opportunities

    We rate Protelo 10.5 out of 10. Everyone is knowledgeable and helpful and we don’t have to chase anyone around for answers.

    ERP System Specialist, Haywood Vocational Opportunities

  • Client
    West Coast Differentials, Inc.

    The staff is exceptionally professional and skilled with a strong desire to meet the needs of the client.

    Owner, West Coast Differentials, Inc.

  • Client
    Dey Distributing

    The consultants at Protelo have been a big key to our success. They really dig in to what our needs actually are. They really “get it”.

    President, Dey Distributing

  • Client

    All I have to do is make one phone call with a concern; I don’t have to jump through hoops or get the run-around for an answer.

    Manager, MexiFoods

  • Client
    Raintree Systems

    I like that Protelo is able to understand our business needs. I can present a detailed or abstract problem and brainstorm solutions alongside the consultants. I’ve experienced great responsiveness and attention to detail and I appreciate the partnership.
    Director of Client Services, Raintree Systems

  • Client
    WORLDPAC, Inc.

    I like the variety of skills Protelo has to offer and the leadership they provide on projects. They’re responsive and flexible and they make time to fit things in.

    VP of IT, WORLDPAC, Inc.

  • Client
    Pharmaceutical Trade Services, Inc.

    Protelo is definitely the quickest provider we have worked with. They’re friendly and knowledgeable and they get our issues resolved in a timely manner.

    IT Manager, Pharmaceutical Trade Services, Inc.

  • Client
    Republic National Distributing Company

    We’ve had great overall experience with projects. They’ve all been exact and thorough.

    IT Director, Republic National Distributing Company

  • Client
    Miele Inc.

    Protelo is right on top of their game. They understand what we want and always listen to our needs.

    Ecommerce Manager, Miele, Inc.

  • Client
    Economical Janitorial & Paper Supplies, Inc.

    The guys at Protelo took the time to listen and understand our problems. They demonstrated that they actually wanted to ensure the problems were solved and not simply gain another billing.

    IT Director, Economical Janitorial & Paper Supplies, Inc.

  • Client
    Roland Corporation

    I have a lot of faith in Protelo. I know they are professionals.

    Business Analyst, Roland Corporation

  • Client

    Protelo feels like family. Everything is done professionally and in a timely manner. Anything that’s ever gone awry has been corrected to my satisfaction. If I were to go on, I would run out of superlatives. I have nothing negative to say.

    Data Analyst, TOP RX LLC

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