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19.2 NetSuite Release Notes

It’s that time of the year folks! NetSuite is rolling out their second release of the year and it’s full of powerful new features, functions, and enhancements to bring extraordinary business impact. Are you interested to know what’s new? Here at Protelo, we’ve put together some of our favorite and noteworthy highlights to prepare you

New Hire Roundup: Protelo Multiplies with Expertise

new hire roundup netsuite expertise

We have it pretty great here at Protelo! Our team is fueled with synergy, positivity, direction and is growing like never before! We are encompassed by an incredible Founder & President, COO, CFO and management team who have the vision to make tremendous ideas happen and are people who anyone would be lucky to be

Choosing a NetSuite Implementation and On-going Services Team

Choosing a NetSuite Implementation and On-going Services Team

Buying and implementing an enterprise resource planning system such as NetSuite is a business-changing decision. Consolidating and migrating data, implementing unique business processes, training staff on a new system and finally, the go-live—each step of the process is as important as the ones that come before and after it to ensure the business launches successfully

NetSuite Beginner’s Guide

NetSuite for beginners

The NetSuite Beginner’s Guide NetSuite Pricing, Licensing, Implementation & Customization Whether you are in the starting point of your business software research or ready to purchase NetSuite – we want to give you all the information you need to know! When you search NetSuite ERP on the web, the amount of information that appears can

NetSuite Inventory Planning Suitelet

NetSuite inventory Suitelet

What is a Suitelet? Want to build a user interface tailored to meet your exact needs in the NetSuite system? Suitelets are extensions to SuiteScript that allow for custom flash, HTML and NetSuite-based front-end development hosted within the NetSuite framework. NetSuite Suitelets play a vital role in the back-end integration to 3rd party web application

NetSuite Shortcut Secrets

NetSuite shortcut secrets

Want to be more efficient and effective inside NetSuite? There are a ton of quick shortcuts for NetSuite users that will help you minimize searches and allow you to quickly access the information you are looking for. Take advantage of these helpful hints to make your day-to-day NetSuite tasks a breeze. 1. NetSuite shortcuts portlet

Want a Better Return on Your NetSuite Investment?

Want a Better Return on your NetSuite Investment?

Let Protelo Help You Take NetSuite to a New Level! Although NetSuite is powerful, odds are you’ve discovered a few gaps for your business. Let Protelo help you fill these gaps and take NetSuite to a new level.      Are you trying to build something new?      Do you need to integrate to other software?      Your business

NetSuite Implementation: Direct or Partner?


NetSuite the most-used cloud business software on the market, as you probably have heard if you are here. If you’ve made the decision to look at NetSuite, you know the platform offers cost-effective streamlined business processes and real-time access to key information anytime anywhere. If you’ve been doing due diligence, you know there are countless ways

Introducing SuiteSuccess

introducing suitesuccess

Built and Ready to Use on Day 1! Software and high tech companies are facing monumental changes within the industry and are looking for a solution that is built specifically for their business models. Take a look at “A Pathway to Successful Growth” to see the unified and phased approach NetSuite is successfully deploying to

NetSuite Workflows Guide

netsuite workflow

NetSuite Workflows Beginner’s Guide Take control of your business processes with NetSuite Workflows. One of our favorite areas in NetSuite is the workflow engine, often referred to as SuiteFlow. If you haven’t created a workflow to manage an internal business process, you are missing out on some powerful business tools. Workflows bring your specific business