What does Acumatica's Cloud Construction Software Include?

Financial Management 
Job Cost and Project Accounting
• Project Management
• Compliance Management
Payroll Management 
Equipment Management 
Customer Relationship Management 
Inventory Management 
Route Optimization with WorkWave 
• Mobile ERP Application 
• Service Management

Connect field, office, and remote workers in real time with cloud and mobile construction and accounting software. Learn why businesses choose Acumatica to manage all aspects of their business. 

What is Acumatica Construction Software?
Acumatica Construction management software is a comprehensive construction accounting solution, offering a range of connected applications and modules tailored for the industry's needs. From construction management to financial management, project accounting, payroll, service management, and CRM, it provides a complete suite of tools to streamline operations.

Key Features of Acumatica Construction Edition
From the start of a project to managing inventory, handling manufacturing processes, and providing field servicing, Acumatica is the only ERP system that can smoothly transition between all these areas. It also includes integrated CRM, all within a single, uninterrupted workflow.

  • Real time costs on labor materials, subcontracts, equipment 
  • Inventory for projects
  • Revenue & Cost Budgeting
  • Project P&L
  • WIP Reporting
  • AIA Billing Reports
  • Cost Allocations
  • Billing Rules
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Equipment Management

  • Joint Checks
  • Commitment Tracking
  • Change Orders with Approvals
  • Subcontracts & Retainage
  • Job Site Issue Tracking & Photo Logs
  • Daily Field Reports
  • Submittals & Compliance Workflows
    (Subcontract Insurance, etc)
  • Mobile Access
  • Construction app integrations


Why the Construction Industry Turns to Acumatica for Productivity and Growth
Acumatica’s true cloud technology and unlimited user licensing reduce IT costs, while its mobile capabilities allow field supervisors to access and update project data remotely, enhancing efficiency and decision-making. Ultimately, Acumatica provides construction businesses with a 360-degree view of operations, optimizing profits, and enabling smarter, more proactive decisions.

why acumatica for construction
Real-Time Cost
acumatica construction software benefits
Integrated Project
why acumatica software for field service teams
Mobile Access and
Field Reporting

Acumatica Construction Demonstration

Acumatica Construction Edition offers a comprehensive cloud ERP solution for the construction industry, enabling real-time cost tracking, project management, and collaboration across all roles with unlimited-user licensing. It enhances efficiency and visibility with mobile access, role-based dashboards, and seamless integration of financials, project updates, and compliance needs. Acumatica's user-friendly platform supports diverse construction segments, improving productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Acumatica Seamlessly Integrates With the Popular Tools you Already use! 
Take advantage of Acumatica's wide range of cloud integrations to ProEST, JobPlanner, Procore, TopBuilder CRM, Microsoft Office, DocuSign, and many more. Check out their list of integrations at the Acumatica marketplace.


POPULAR INTEGRATION: Acumatica and Procore Integration
Procore for Acumatica is a powerful integration that combines the capabilities of Procore's construction management software with Acumatica's ERP platform. This integration allows construction companies to streamline their project management processes by syncing critical data between the two systems. With Procore for Acumatica, users can seamlessly transfer information such as project budgets, contracts, change orders, and invoices between Procore and Acumatica, ensuring accuracy and consistency across both platforms. This integration enhances collaboration between project teams, improves efficiency, and provides real-time visibility into project finances and progress.


How Acumatica’s Modern ERP Can Help Support Construction Compliance 
Acumatica understands the complexities of navigating regulations in this dynamic field, from finance to safety and subcontractor management. With Acumatica, you can streamline your compliance processes, securely store documentation, and effortlessly manage certified payroll and safety training requirements. Acumatica offers features like AIA billing support and automated lien tracking, ensuring you stay on top of regulatory and safety requirements. Acumatica’s robust security measures provide peace of mind, so you can focus on what you do best—building your business.  

Trust Acumatica to keep you compliant and thriving in a challenging regulatory landscape. By prioritizing construction compliance, businesses can mitigate risks, protect their workforce, and maintain a positive image.  


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