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    What is the cost of Oracle NetSuite ERP?
    A Complete Guide to NetSuite ERP Pricing, Implementation Cost, and Options for 2024.  

    A current and comprehensive NetSuite Buyer’s Guide that is continuously updated. No fluff, just the information you need now. Oracle NetSuite ERP pricing does not need to feel complex or overwhelming, but it is dependent on a few factors. What are the factors the influence the cost of NetSuite ERP? Read the ultimate NetSuite Pricing and Implementation FAQ & NetSuite Cost e-Book below.  

    What are my options for purchasing NetSuite?
    NetSuite provides the ability to purchase NetSuite from them directly or through an experienced NetSuite partner, like Protelo. Depending on your industry, business requirements, and level of expertise, partners are there to support your team during the implementation and beyond. They are an added benefit and extension to your business. It's a good practice to reach out to discuss your needs and gather information to make an informed decision. Many businesses choose to purchase NetSuite through authorized partners as they are experienced in implementing NetSuite for various industries and can provide valuable insights, customization, and ongoing support. Learn the benefits of NetSuite partners.

    What sets Protelo apart as the preferred choice for purchasing, implementing, and customizing NetSuite?
    Choose Protelo as your trusted NetSuite partner for a seamless and tailored experience. With our industry expertise, we understand your unique requirements and offer valuable insights and customization options. We believe in building long-term relationships and providing ongoing support to ensure your business thrives with NetSuite. 

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    How Much Does NetSuite ERP Cost?

    NetSuite offers a highly flexible and customizable pricing model that caters to the unique demands of your industry, business processes, and specific requirements. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, NetSuite understands that each business is distinctive. Pricing is personalized, ensuring you only pay for the features and capabilities essential to your success. This tailored approach allows businesses to invest in a solution precisely aligned with their objectives, promoting efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Reach out to our experts for a personalized quote that meets your unique business needs.

    NetSuite is highly customizable and versatile, but costs depend on factors like the number user licenses, company size, add-ons, customizations, and implementation scope. NetSuite operates as a subscription model and can be customized and tailored directly for your business.

    Utilize our online NetSuite pricing calculator for potential savings by choosing Protelo as your licensing partner. Our business technology experts can help guide your company reach the end-goal: better productivity, visibility, control, and efficiency throughout your business. 


    NetSuite Base Price 2024

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    (before any applicable discounts or add-ons)

    With flexible payments monthly, annually or over longer durations
    —NetSuite can be implemented at a lower upfront cost than many other major ERP implementations.

    More Information

    NetSuite Bundles

    Industry-specific and module-specific bundles of advanced functions can be provided as one package for ease of payment and implementation. NetSuite provides an all-in-one system that is built for your industry and provides the ability to configure the software to meet your exact business needs.

    You can build a package for your business across:

    4 Types of NetSuite Pricing Licensing Levels

    1. 1 user only: Small Business Edition

    2. 1-10 users: Limited Edition

    3. 11-1,000 users: Mid-Market Edition

    4.1,001+ users: Enterprise Edition

    How much does NetSuite cost per user?

    Every employee can use NetSuite, so you may choose to have everyone registered, from a Sales Manager to a CFO. Contact the Protelo team for a custom price levels, set up user pricing and discuss Oracle ERP implementation cost.

    The cost structure typically involves a subscription model, where you pay a recurring fee for each user license. The user pricing can vary based on the type of user and the level of access they require within the NetSuite platform.

    Here are some key points to consider regarding NetSuite user pricing:

    1. User Types: NetSuite offers different types of user licenses, such as Full Users, Employee Center Users, and Vendor Center Users. The type of license depends on the level of access and functionality required by each user.

    2. Access Levels: The pricing may vary based on the level of access needed. For example, employees who require full access to all NetSuite features may have a different pricing structure compared to users who only need limited access to specific modules.

    3. Roles and Permissions: NetSuite allows for the customization of roles and permissions for different users. The pricing may be influenced by the complexity of roles and permissions configured for each user.

    4. Subscription Model: NetSuite typically operates on a subscription-based pricing model, where you pay a recurring fee per user on a monthly or annual basis. The subscription fee covers not just the software usage but also includes support, maintenance, and updates.

    5. Scalability: NetSuite's pricing is often scalable, meaning you can add or remove user licenses as your organization's needs change. This flexibility allows you to adapt the number of licenses based on your workforce requirements.

    Limited NetSuite Pricing User Licensing Fees

    If some of your employees will only be doing small tasks in NetSuite, such as daily time-clocking, they don’t need to be classified as a basic, routine user. Limited users are a popular choice for companies because NetSuite’s limited pricing option comes bundled together.

    How 2024 NetSuite Pricing Models Work

    NetSuite is flexible and adaptable to every industry. You can simply pick and choose various NetSuite products (such as CRM) for your business, or you can request that everything is bundled together. You will get a better NetSuite price if you purchase the entire suite, rather than just licensing one or two of NetSuite’s products. Neither option is right or wrong, and as a top NetSuite partner, we can help you purchase and customize each NetSuite product, no matter your needs. We can walk you through the NetSuite price list, the various module options, and options for discounting and deals.

    From CRM, eCommerce, PSA, ERP, and accounting, there isn’t anything NetSuite can’t do. Unique factors such as subscription length, number of users, and size of company, can play a crucial part in the overall pricing models for these products.


    NetSuite Modules Pricing & FAQ

    Every business has unique requirements and processes. NetSuite modules provide the ability to leave behind a “one-size-fits-all" software solution and drill down to meet unique business needs. As businesses evolve, so should their software capabilities. NetSuite modules offer an extensive list of features to ensure that the software grows with the business and meets its unique requirements. Here are key points to understand about NetSuite module pricing:

    1. Module Selection: NetSuite offers a range of modules that cater to different business functions such as financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, e-commerce, and more. The cost of your NetSuite subscription will depend on the modules you choose to include.

    2. Functionality and Features: Each module is designed to provide specific functionalities and features. The complexity and depth of these functionalities can influence the pricing of the module.

    3. User Access: NetSuite module pricing often considers the number and types of users who will access these modules. Different user types (e.g., Full Users, Employee Center Users) may have varying access needs, and the pricing structure can reflect this.

    4. Customization: NetSuite allows for customization of modules to align with the specific workflows and requirements of businesses. The level of customization needed may impact the overall cost of the module.

      When considering NetSuite customizations, focus on defining clear business requirements and objectives. Identify the modules and features that require customization, and explore suitable customization options such as custom fields, forms, workflows, and SuiteScript. Ensure thorough testing, comprehensive documentation, and scalability planning for future business growth. Keep security and compliance in mind, and plan for ongoing support and maintenance. Consider partnering with NetSuite experts to optimize the customization process.

    Cost of NetSuite Direct vs NetSuite Partner

    Selecting the right NetSuite Implementation partner is just as important as selecting the right software for your business. ERP is one of the most important investments businesses take, so it’s crucial for partners to implement the tools successfully.

    According to analyst firm Gartner, more than 75% of all ERP implementation projects fail, due to a lack of industry knowledge, clarity of cost, time-scale, functionality, training and resource issues. Knowing this, it would only make sense to appoint a strong team of NetSuite experts.

    Some clients choose to work with NetSuite directly for their implementation and utilize partner support for business guidance and consulting. However, the most successful projects we have seen work with partners that are deeply versed in both business and technology from the start. Implementing a business-wide software should be approached strategically, not as lines of code and a software install.

    Working with Protelo’s team, you will always receive direct access to our team of NetSuite experts that average over 20 years of business technology experience each. The cost of NetSuite itself will be the same working with a partner versus working with direct, but you will receive the added benefit of a direct line to your project team and business expertise as well.

    Oracle NetSuite Implementation Experts The Protelo NetSuite Difference

    Customer Relationship Management - NetSuite

    How to do a NetSuite Implementation

    Considering a NetSuite ERP implementation? Want to know the steps to a successful go-live? As you get ready to implement NetSuite for your company, here are a few quick things we think you should know beforehand. Learn from our certified and experienced NetSuite team that does NetSuite Implementations every day.

    Achieving a successful NetSuite implementation involves a well-structured approach that encompasses various essential steps. These include conducting a thorough assessment, strategic planning, seamlessly migrating data, and customizing the system to align with specific business requirements. User training plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal utilization, while integration with other systems streamlines the flow of data. Rigorous testing is conducted before the highly monitored go-live stage, followed by ongoing support and optimization to address any issues and adapt to evolving business needs. By engaging with experienced NetSuite consultants, you can enhance the efficiency of this entire process.

    10 Steps Involved in a NetSuite implementation:

    1. Assessment and Planning: Understand your business processes, requirements, and goals. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) for success. Plan the implementation strategy and timeline.

    2. Data Migration: Assess existing data and migrate it to NetSuite. Cleanse and format data to ensure accuracy. Import data into NetSuite using CSV files or other supported formats.

    3. Configuration and Customization: Configure NetSuite based on your business processes. Customize forms, fields, and workflows to align with your unique requirements. Utilize SuiteScript for more advanced customizations.

    4. User Training: Train users on how to navigate and use NetSuite effectively. Provide role-specific training to ensure each user understands their responsibilities within the system.

    5. Integration: Integrate NetSuite with other systems if needed. This can involve connecting e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, or third-party applications to streamline data flow.

    6. Testing: Conduct thorough testing to ensure that configurations and customizations work as intended. Test different scenarios to identify and address any issues before going live.

    7. Go-Live: Transition to the live NetSuite environment. Monitor the system closely during the initial period to address any issues promptly. Provide support to users as they adapt to the live system.

    8. Post-Implementation Support: Offer ongoing support to address any issues that arise post-implementation. Continuously assess and optimize the system based on user feedback and evolving business needs.

    9. Optimization: Regularly review and optimize NetSuite configurations. Identify opportunities for automation, improved workflows, or additional integrations to enhance system efficiency.

    10. Documentation: Maintain comprehensive documentation of configurations, customizations, and processes. This documentation is valuable for reference, troubleshooting, and future enhancements.

    It's crucial to note that the complexity of the implementation process can vary based on the size of your organization, the modules you're implementing, and the level of customization required. Engaging with NetSuite consultants or certified partners can provide valuable expertise and ensure a smoother implementation process.

    If you need help running your business on a unified platform, NetSuite has the best tools on the market. From sales to accounting, this advanced ERP business system is a unified cloud business management suite that can be customized for your industry and business. If you want to know what a NetSuite implementation entails, you’ve come to the right place for answers in Protelo’s NetSuite implementation guide.

     What are the Different Types of Support in NetSuite?

    NetSuite offers support contracts from their direct team. Depending on which level of support you choose, you may get sent to a ticket desk or to a call center for NetSuite customer support. Higher-level support is available at a larger cost and you may have a dedicated representative.

    NetSuite partners, like Protelo, can also offer support. What sets Protelo’s NetSuite team apart? Our NetSuite consultants offer support on-demand, with no contracts, no fees, and no call centers to go through. Just direct access to your consultants. Have questions about NetSuite customization, optimization, or best practices? Protelo’s talented team is dedicated to our customers and the success of your NetSuite software implementation from start to finish and beyond.

    NetSuite Advanced Customer Support: NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS) is an annual subscription for access to NetSuite Direct Professional Services. The NetSuite ACS fee is paid no matter how little or how much your company uses this service and no matter the value you receive from the service. 

    What Are My Alternatives to NetSuite Advanced Customer Support? Protelo offers flexible NetSuite Services for any project, big or small, without an annual fee. Protelo is big enough to deliver, yet small enough to care. 

    Protelo NetSuite Services are on a time & materials billing basis—with experienced and consistent project managers whom you have direct access to. Protelo’s consultants will take the time and care to get to know your unique business and can provide real-world functional advice within NetSuite Best Practices.  Many of Protelo’s NetSuite consultants have been manufacturing, finance, operational, or ERP professionals at end-user companies prior to joining Protelo.  

    Are there NetSuite Financing options?

    Protelo will work with you to finance NetSuite. Whether that is paying up-front, or spreading the cost over a period of years, our goal is to make NetSuite affordable and speed up the time-to-market of running NetSuite ERP.

    The license fees are paid directly to NetSuite when working with a partner. Our partnership with NetSuite means we can negotiate the lowest costs for your business directly with NetSuite, we will handle all the negotiations for your business to ensure the best price scenario.

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    Our process begins with the Protelo team working to understand your core business needs and provide tailored solutions to achieve them in a timely and well-planned manner for every project. Our consultants are open, honest and direct. We drive the right conversations to get remarkable results. Based in Northern California with full-time consultants across North America and Europe, we provide our services to clients across the country and globe.

    Protelo is a top-tier designated NetSuite partner, one of a handful of partners in the world to receive this top award. Working with a NetSuite-certified partner can save you time, money and gives you direct access to NetSuite solution experts. NetSuite pricing is exactly the same when working with a partner or NetSuite direct. Protelo is global and can implement NetSuite nationwide. Our NetSuite experts are dedicated to your business success.