What Industry-Specific Solutions Does Acumatica Offer?

Every industry faces unique challenges. As a business expands, so does the complexity of running on multiple applications that are prone to errors, time-consuming manual tasks, and data inconsistencies. Business software should be tailored to meet your industry's specific challenges, and Acumatica excels in delivering customized solutions from day one to enhance efficiency and optimize your operations. 

As your company grows, boost the transparency and insight you need to make the right decisions. Acumatica is easily integrated with the tools of your choice to meet your individual growing needs. It provides the ability to license only the modules you need, when you need them, and add more when your business is ready.


Acumatica’s Industry-Specific Cloud ERP Solutions:

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What Industries are the best fit for Acumatica?

Acumatica cloud ERP's flexibility and customizable nature make it suitable for a wide range of industries.
It offers unique features designed to meet your industry requirements.

Acumatica's Construction Management Edition is designed for all contractors including general, specialties, and land developers integrating project management, job cost accounting, payroll, inventory, and more. With real-time data access, role-based dashboards, and flexible collaboration tools, it empowers teams to manage projects efficiently from anywhere. Seamlessly integrate using the Construction API for quick connections to systems like BuildPro, Procore, ProEst, CFMA Benchmark, and eSignature services like DocuSign and Adobe eSign. 

• Construction Management  
• General Contractor  
• Subcontractor Accounting 
• Land Developer Accounting 
• Services Management 
• Equipment Management

Optimize and mobilize your business with a best-in-class ERP system designed for growth. Ideal for service, non-profit, and financial sectors with limited inventory needs, Acumatica streamlines operations with advanced financial management, project accounting, payroll, and customizable CRM and reporting tools.

• Financial Management  
• Project Accounting  
• Payroll Management 
• Multi-Entity & Intercompany Accounting  
• Reporting, Dashboards and DataAnalaysis Toolkit  


Acumatica Distribution Edition is tailored for wholesalers and distributors to help fine-tune their inventory levels, leverage AI for operational automation, and enhance sales processes. This package ensures access to up-to-the-minute financial data and promotes smooth, collaborative efforts throughout the organization.

• Sales Order Management 
• Purchase Order Management 
• Warehouse Management 
• Inventory Management 
• Order Management Software 
• Requisition Management



Acumatica's Manufacturing Edition is designed to support the unique needs of manufacturing businesses. It integrates manufacturing operations with financial management, customer relationship management, and distribution for streamlined processes and improved efficiency. The platform offers comprehensive tools for production management, planning, scheduling, and quality control, allowing manufacturers to optimize their operations and gain real-time visibility into their production workflows.

• Production Management
• Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
• Bill of Materials (BOM) and Routing
• Production Scheduling
• Quality Management
• Product Configurator
• Estimating
• Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
• Manufacturing Data Collection (MDC)
• Engineering Change Control (ECC)


Acumatica's Retail Edition caters to the evolving needs of retail, supporting B2C, D2C, and B2B sales. It seamlessly integrates with e-commerce, marketplaces, and POS systems for a unified retail experience. The platform streamlines order management, automates finances, improves customer engagement, optimizes inventory, and provides real-time insights. It's designed to support a wide range of retail sectors, including fashion, home decor, outdoor and leisure products, electronics, and beyond.

• Commmerce Connectors 
• Inventory Management 
• Sales Order Management 
• Reporting, Dashboards, and Data Analysis 
• Warehouse ManagemeNt System  


Acumatica’s ISV Solutions:

Integrate with your favorite platforms to extend the software even further! Some of the most popular add-on integrations are with HubSpot, Avalara, Workforce Go! HCM, SPS Commerce, Pacejet, AvidXchange, Dataself Analytics, BigCommerce, NETSTOCK and much more. Check out the list of hundreds of ISV solutions in Acumatica’s Marketplace to extend your capabilities to support your specific needs.

Why is Acumatica a Top ERP Solution?

As Acumatica continues to grow to over 10,000 customers, it continues to rank highest in client satisfaction rating amongst competitors in the ERP industry. But what sets it apart? 

Acumatica Benefits & Highlights:  

  • Software built on the world’s top cloud ERP solution  
  • Unlimited user licensing model gives you the freedom to grow without added costs 
  • A real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere. 
  • Versatile deployment options: On-premise, Hosted, or Cloud options 
  • Integrated, industry specific options to meet your business needs and requirements 
  • Supports remote and in-field collaboration from any device 
  • Low code, no code instance without the help of a developer 
  • User-friendly personalized dashboards tailored to individual roles for easy navigation and efficiency. 
  • Extensive ISV Ecosystem 


Acumatica Reviews & Awards:

Acumatica is highly rated as a top-tier ERP software by industry experts, reputable publications, and most importantly their customer base. Software reviews put Acumatica as one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use cloud ERP options on the market. 
- Best Project-Based ERP Relationship Winner | Award ranked by Acumatica users (Summer G2 Report)
- Ranked highest in usability – Nucleus Research | ERP Technology Value Matrix 
- Highest combined value index and net emotional footprint | Info-Tech Research Group
- Leader in Mid-Market Grid Report for ERP systems 
- 4.8 Star Rating on Gartner Peer Insights 

Explore Acumatica's recent awards!  

Cloud ERP Stats and 2024 Trends:

Cloud-based ERP solutions continue to gain popularity by offering global access, enhanced security, and real-time analytics without hardware costs or IT complexity. These solutions are scalable, easy to deploy, helping businesses boost efficiency, productivity, and decision-making through automated processes, integrations, and seamless feature updates. 

Why do Cloud ERP trends matter? Staying informed with the latest software trends in cloud ERP is helpful for businesses to know #1 where businesses are making the shift to innovate and #2 the reasons behind this popular shift to stay ahead of the curve and maintain agility. Advancements in cloud ERP are helping businesses foster growth and navigate market changes with better data visibility and efficiency to make accurate, informed decisions. 



What does Acumatica Cost?

Pay as you go for the functionality you need first! Unlimited Users!
Acumatica stands out from competitors with the greatest licensing flexibility on the market. Acumatica’s unique pricing model is based on transaction tier licensing, not based on user count. This allows businesses the flexibility to start with core functions like Financial Management and expand into CRM or Manufacturing Management as your business grows. Get a custom Acumatica quote for your business today.

  • Acumatica SaaS Subscription: Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and managed by Acumatica experts, this model offers flexibility in subscription licenses and the ability to update the software when it's the right time for your business. The SaaS subscription model is ideal for small and midsize businesses seeking enterprise-class solutions without the hefty IT budget. Benefit from scalability, pay-as-you-go convenience, robust security and performance, freeing your business from hardware complexities and software maintenance costs. 
  1. Private Cloud Subscription: This annual license allows you to install the software with a preferred hosting provider and lets you decide when software updates are applied.



User License Options:

Full User Licenses: Complete access to all system features. 
Limited User Licenses: Restricted access at a reduced cost.  
*Great for users with specific functionalities (like data entry and reporting). 

Acumatica Company-Size Editions: 

Small Business: 
5 named users / 1 tenant
Can upgrade to 20 users for General Business Edition
Up to 2,000 monthly commercial transactions. 

Advanced and Mid-Market:
Recommended for companies with 10-250 employees
Up to 5,000 monthly commercial transactions. 


Recommended for larger companies with 250+ employees/20 tenants.
Up to 20,000 monthly commercial transactions. 
(Extra Large and Enterprise Resource levels also available) 

Learn more in this helpful Licensing Guide!



How to Purchase Acumatica Software:
Licensing is exclusively licensed and available through certified Value-Added Reseller Partners like Protelo. We're here to guide you to the best pricing and package tailored to your industry, closely aligned with Acumatica to guide the selling and implementation process.  


After purchasing the software, our team with work with your business to ensure the best configurations, customizations and integrations are in place to set your business up for success. Acumatica Implementations require an expert team to ensure go-live success and a smooth transition to your new ERP system without interrupting your daily operations. Protelo is here to guide you every step of the way with on-demand assistance, expertise and a wide range of Acumatica services.  
Want to learn more? Contact Protelo for a customized software demo and free estimate tailored to your industry needs. Hundreds of businesses have trusted our team to solve business challenges with ERP software. Protelo is a top provider of Cloud ERP software solutions and has been in the software industry for over 20 years. We understand your business challenges and know how to customize solutions to meet your growing needs. Learn more about the benefits of working with our team!  



Acumatica Overview 

Acumatica is a leading ERP business management solution that enhances agility and visibility with cutting-edge technology. It enhances operations with features like AI-powered automation, embedded CRM, project accounting, and customizable dashboards, supporting various industries including construction, healthcare, finance, and education.

Acumatica's platform promotes scalability and integration, simplifying processes and improving decision-making through comprehensive reporting tools. 

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Direct access to Acumatica and ERP Experts
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