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    Why are Manufacturers choosing NetSuite? Manufacturers choose NetSuite for its fully integrated cloud-based ERP solution, streamlining their operations from financials to inventory, supply chain, and customer data. Real-time insights enable data-driven decisions, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. NetSuite's scalability caters to businesses of all sizes, adapting to regulatory changes and industry requirements, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks.

    By empowering manufacturers to stay competitive, increase productivity, and deliver excellent customer experiences, NetSuite becomes a preferred choice in a very competitive manufacturing landscape.
    Whether you’re a true manufacturer, an assemble-to-order business, or a distributor with manufacturing requirements, NetSuite lets you manage your entire business with one integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite. It provides the visibility and control of key processes that manufacturers need to run a modern business and effectively compete in the market.

    6 Key Business Strategies to Grow Your Profits

    The Manufacturer's Guide: 6 Key Strategies to Grow Your Profits

    Learn the top profit-producing action plans that growing manufacturing companies are using to enhance business processes, cut costs, improve their bottom line, and gain market share. 

    How important is ERP for Manufacturing Companies?

    Did you know that Manufacturing companies are the number one user of ERP software? It's TRUE! As cloud-based ERP platforms continue to expand, an increasing number of companies are integrating ERP solutions into their operations. Nonetheless, the adoption rate varies across industries, with manufacturers being the frontrunners in embracing ERP software. Typically, mid-sized businesses that surpass the constraints of basic spreadsheets and entry-level accounting software are more inclined to adopt ERP solutions. Learn how Manufacturers are solving business challenges with NetSuite ERP.

    NetSuite for Manufacturing Businesses

    What are the benefits of NetSuite for Manufacturers? 

    • manufacturing inventory software    Customize NetSuite to meet your needs with industry-specific functionality.
      NetSuite offers built-in, industry-specific dashboards that include capabilities for production planning, inventory management, supply chain optimization, quality control, shop floor management, and more. NetSuite is well-equipped to address the unique challenges and requirements of manufacturing businesses, making it a valuable ERP solution for manufacturers.

    • best manufacturing software    Avoid unnecessary headaches with unified business management.
      One complete real-time solution eliminates integration hassles, disparate point solutions, and increases visibility. Manufacturers no longer have to deal with multiple software applications and data inconsistencies but can focus on driving growth and success.

    • software of manufacturing companies    React swiftly to opportunities and challenges.
      NetSuite replaces complex processes with one software suite that prevents delays and errors. Real-time data insights enable accurate production forecasting and planning, leading to better resource allocation and minimized production delays.

    • manufacturing erp software    Achieve more with your existing resources.
      Achieve better control and visibility over your supply chain, making communication with suppliers, distributors, and consumers a breeze. NetSuite transforms silos into synergistic partnerships, unlocking opportunities for increased profitability and streamlined operations.

    • manufacturing software review    Stay informed about every aspect of your business.
      NetSuite’s platform provides actionable insights about every aspect of your operation any time, anywhere. Netsuite's reporting and analytics tools provide manufacturers with valuable insights into their operations, enabling data-driven decision-making.

    According to Forbes latest Manufacturing trends, manufacturers are focusing on advanced technology integration (AI, IoT, 5G), sustainable practices, digital supply chain management, localized manufacturing, and hybrid work models. These trends highlight industry transformation and strategies to navigate a dynamic market. Amid these trends, manufacturers must prioritize technology modernization to stay competitive and drive growth. Embracing advanced solutions like NetSuite is key to avoiding limitations, streamlining operations, and seizing new opportunities in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

    NetSuite Manufacturing pricing & demonstration

    Solutions To Fit Your Unique Distribution & Manufacturing Needs

    NetSuite Manufacturing Features

    Work Order Management
    •   Create and manage bills of materials for work orders.
    •   Develop both standard and customized work orders for assembly builds.
    •   Automate stock and component replenishment based on demand and production status.

    Work Centers & Routings
    •   Define resources and affiliated operating costs with work centers.
    •   Support complex, multi-step assembly processes with advanced routing.

    Bills of Materials with Kits & Assemblies
    •   Utilize multi-level bills of materials (BOM).
    •   Leverage backing for just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing.
    •   Create serialized assemblies for serial and lot numbers.

    Intelligent Inventory
    •   Track inventory and component levels throughout the business cycle.
    •   Use demand-based component replenishment to tailor production to demand

    Product History Tracking
    •   Keep a complete history for each product assembly or kit.
    •   Allow warehouses to manage component levels and raw materials more efficiently.

    Real-Time Manufacturing Dashboards
    •   Monitor metrics on bills of materials, assemblies, work orders, and finished goods.
    •   View key manufacturing performance indicators in a visual, user-friendly dashboard.


    NetSuite Success Story: Learn how Extel Technologies increases Manufacturing efficiency by 20% with NetSuite. Discover how NetSuite can integrate your business from the shop all the way to the top, and grows with you as your business changes.

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    Through tailored business software development, implementation, services and management, we have helped our clients streamline business processes and the flow of critical information. From the planning stages to managed services, Protelo is an end-to-end provider of business software expertise.

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