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    Fashion & Apparel Retailers ERP Software

    With thousands of customers throughout the fashion and apparel industry,
    NetSuite has the experience supporting fast-growing companies, like yours.

    Run your retail business even better in the cloud.

    Deliver a personalized and engaging customer experience with the only unified cloud-based commerce platform delivering a true omnichannel solution. Retail apparel and fashion brands operate as manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers and need one solution that can accommodate the complexities across all channels of business. Focus on selling the latest gear with NetSuite’s cutting-edge technology and invest in your future with a single platform for finance, order and inventory management, e-commerce, and more.

    In order to be successful in today’s competitive industry, it is mandatory for retailers to equip their business with accurate insight into customer data and up-to-the-minute market trends. Integrate with suppliers, customers, and inventory while growing the business.

    Built for Retail & Apparel Brands:

    • Save the Sale – Locate inventory in stores nearby.
    • Core Functionality – Products, services and integrations are seamless and managed by NetSuite.
    • True Omnichannel Services – Purchase, return and fulfill from any location anytime.
    • Cost Visibility – Complete financial insight across the business (cost of goods, raw materials, tax, shipping, and fees)
    • Maximize Efficiency – Reduce cost and reduce time to achieve a return on investment.
    • Drill Down information – Predefined reports, KPIs and metrics to effectively run your business.
    • Reduce out of stocks – Visibility into stock across all channels.
    • Improved Decision Making – 360º real-time view of critical business operations using preconfigured dashboards.
    • Increase online conversions – Convert buyers with personalized interactions, reviews, galleries, and lookbooks.
    • Reduce Overhead – Improved capabilities for inventory data, sales, and orders.
    • Automate Communication – triggered action items for customers.
    • Quickly Move Merchandise – Replenish orders faster across multiple locations without manual entry.
    • Fulfill orders Faster – Set up preferences to automatically fulfill orders.
    How to make a next generation store a right now store

    NetSuite is the #1 Cloud business solution for retailers in your industry. Give your entire team the tools to monitor business; enable faster and better decision making while improving your bottom line.

    NetSuite Fashion & Apparel Retail Benefits:

    • Empower your organization with cross channel inventory visibility and data insight in real-time.
    • Extend a true omnichannel customer experience with the ability to manage all channels through the web, marketplace, call center or mobile.
    • Manage your entire business on a single, integrated, customizable platform and free yourself from the chaos of disconnected systems.
    • Effectively manage the complexities of your business in real-time, with the ability to buy and fulfill anywhere.
    • Gain a 360º view into every aspect of your business from selling, service and support in a single, searchable system.

    Transform Your Business With NetSuite

    Protelo growth and awards 2022
    Protelo provides fashion and apparel retailers with a single source of expertise to implement, customize, integrate, and refine your back-end operations.

    With decades of business-process expertise and extensive product knowledge under our belt, our consultants provide a single source of expertise to implement, customize, integrate, and refine your back-end operations. Protelo’s experts have helped hundreds of companies harness the power of NetSuite.

    At Protelo, we help businesses select, tailor, and implement software to run their organization on one, integrated, cloud-based platform. NetSuite is the best-selling cloud-based ERP worldwide. It is an integrated suite of applications, built from the ground up for the cloud using a single data model.

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