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    Eliminate separate, inefficient applications and bring all your company data into one complete and customizable business system.

    Gain realtime visibility into orders via phone, online, direct sales and EDI.



    Streamline the complexities of your machinery and equipment distribution business with NetSuite ERP features such as:

    • Real-time, all-channel inventory visibility
    • Streamlined order management and procurement
    • Intelligent features for sales associates and customer service representatives
    • Bill of Materials and Light Manufacturing processes


    Additional machinery and equipment verticals that NetSuite ERP is built for:

    • Commercial Equipment or Components
    • Electrical Components and Consumer Electronics
    • Medical Equipment (non-regulated, like gauze and instruments)
    • Construction Materials
    • Tools
    • Auto Parts
    NetSuite product tour for electronic distributors

    NetSuite Benefits

    Realize The Flexibility You Want With The
    Payback You Need

    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Retain your best customers
    • Increase margins
    • Accelerate revenue growth
    • Improve marketing
    • Spark employee productivity
    • Enable user adoption

    NetSuite Features

    Utilize a Robust Feature Set Designed
    For Distributors

    • Inventory Replenishment
    • Accurate Order Promising
    • Streamlined Receiving
    • Integrated UPS & FedEx
    • Returns Management
    • Self-Service Vendor Center


    Learn how NetSuite’s integrated suite is capable of running all of your business processes from a purchasing standpoint. These demonstrations summarize the power of NetSuite’s automatic workflows and approvals to maintain better control of your accounts eliminating cost variances and overpayments.

    Protelo is a 5-Star NetSuite partner that provides electronics distributors with a single source of expertise to implement, customize, integrate, and refine business processes. Protelo has decades of business-process expertise and deep product knowledge to companies interested in exploring the power of the NetSuite application. Our focused approach enables our consultants to render technical expertise with ease, precision, and cost-efficiency. Contact us for a customized consultation and product demo. Learn more about NetSuite product features.

    NetSuite Success Stories for Distributors

    Watch NetSuite Testimonial

    Watch NetSuite Testimonial

    HOW NETSUITE TRANSFORMED DEPATIE FLUID POWER CO: NetSuite has enabled this industrial design and distribution company to expand, improve culture and customer service.

    Watch NetSuite Testimonial

    Watch NetSuite Testimonial

    i-Automation | NETSUITE STORY: Learn how NetSuite continues to support their rapid growth and enables them to offer the services that set them apart from the competition.

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