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    As the food packaging and container industry continues to reach a projected $400 billion by 2025, packaging is quickly becoming just as important as the food itself. With rising inflation and unpredictable trade conditions, companies must have the visibility and accuracy of their entire enterprise to succeed. Flexibility and visibility remain a highlighted goal for manufacturers and distributors as they face increased competition from suppliers and customers, and continue to leverage technology. Rigid, flexible, glass, and corrugated packaging manufacturers and distributors face these mounting challenges and choose Oracle NetSuite ERP to address them.

    Businesses are innovating faster than ever to predict customer expectations, align processes, prepare for future disruptions, and have a real-time view of the business to make better planning decisions. Learn the benefits of NetSuite ERP and how it is helping businesses reduce costs, enhance productivity, automate processes, and gain better visibility.

    Put simply, an outdated, on-premises system cannot handle all of the requirements of today’s manufacturer or distributor. Protelo was founded with the goal of servicing on-premises ERP systems and became a NetSuite partner because it knew that the cloud was the future. We have seen how cloud ERP can directly and effectively transform a business, and we are here to help. 


    5 Reasons Food Container Manufacturers Need Cloud-Based ERP:

    1. Boost production capacity to meet rising demand for sustainable food containers.

    2. Streamline operations from outdated systems to cloud-based efficiency.

    3. Modernize tech with easy updates, avoiding costly maintenance fees.

    4. Ensure quality with lot tracking and serialization, tailored by Protelo.

    5. Gain cost insights, optimize vendor selection, and stay ahead in a changing industry. 

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      Learn how Protelo's NetSuite team is transforming the packaging and container industry.


    Discover the Advantages of NetSuite for Packaging and Container Businesses

    NetSuite is the leading solution of choice for inventory and order management, ecommerce, financials, and CRM. NetSuite provides real-time, multi-channel visibility from components to finished goods for Packaging and Container distributors and manufacturers. NetSuite's cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers many benefits to fast-growing companies, including:

    1. Improved efficiency: NetSuite streamlines and automates manual processes and data entry, freeing up time for employees to focus on higher-level tasks.

    2. Real-time data: NetSuite provides up-to-the-minute visibility into critical business information, allowing packaging and container companies to make informed decisions quickly and shift toward demand.

    3. Enhanced Customer Relationship Management: NetSuite software includes comprehensive CRM capabilities, that enables packaging and container companies to manage their customer interactions more effectively.

    4. Better Inventory Management: NetSuite provides the business data you need to manage inventory in real-time. Gain better visibility with tacking inventory levels, ordering new items, and reducing out of stock risks.

    5. Streamlined Financial Management: NetSuite automates accounting tasks, making it easier to generate reports, manage finances, and track expenses across the business.

    6. Improved Supply Chain Management: NetSuite provides a comprehensive view of the supply chain to help packaging and container companies manage their operations more efficiently.

    Overall, NetSuite ERP provides companies with the tools they need to improve their operations, increase efficiency, and grow their business. Learn how packaging and container companies are benefitting from NetSuite.


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    Packaging and Container success story with NetSuite


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    Helping the Food Container Industry Replace Its Aging, On-Premises Technology
    Learn how food container manufacturers and distributors are benefitting from cloud-based technology that helps them improve productivity, stay compliant and enhance profitability. 



    How can NetSuite help Packaging and Container companies grow?

    NetSuite helps businesses grow and scale with confidence, efficiency, and visibility. Easily track your supply chain in real-time, ensuring smooth operations and on-time deliveries every time. As your packaging or container business expands, NetSuite grows right alongside you. It's flexible and adaptable, allowing you to add new users or functionalities without missing a beat.

    NetSuite's reporting and analytics give you a clear view of your business performance, helping you make smart decisions and spot opportunities for growth. With NetSuite by your side, you're not just keeping up with the competition—you're staying one step ahead. 


    Why work with a partner to learn more about NetSuite?

    Learn what sets Protelo’s NetSuite team apart! Take advantage of our flexible service offerings, and benefit from an in-depth knowledge of business applications that can ensure you get the solution, licenses, services, the best pricing, and support that’s right for you. Our highly skilled NetSuite team at Protelo understands your business challenges and the solutions you need to succeed.

    Protelo provides Packaging and Container companies with a single source of expertise to implement, customize, integrate, and refine your back-end operations. Have Questions? Would you like a free trial or a demo? To learn more contact our team of NetSuite experts today! We are here for you.


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