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    Supply Chain and Logistics trends for transportation companies

    NetSuite can help your business achieve competitive pricing, enhance visibility and reach the demand for quicker deliveries within the supply chain.

    Innovations in technology continue to make waves throughout all industries; however, transportation and logistics might be one of the most directly affected sectors. With manual processes and multiple locations of stored data, this industry has the most to gain from the latest ERP technology.

    To keep pace, transportation and logistics companies need core financials to remain forward-thinking as the economy and customer expectations change on a rapid basis. According to Transmetrics, the top 10 most important supply chain and logistics technology trends in 2024 are:

    1. Warehouse Robotics
    2. Artificial and Augmented Intelligence
    3. Digital Twins
    4. Blockchain
    5. Autonomous Vehicles
    6. Increasing Investment into Logistics Startups from VCs and Enterprises
    7. Data Standardization
    8. Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility
    9. Artificial Augmented intelligence
    10. Sustainability Powered by Technology

    As business globalization continues to expand and markets become more ambitious, many transportation companies will continue to struggle with outdated technology, leading to loss of business for 3PLs and shippers in an extremely progressive environment. Implementing the right technology can provide your business the visibility, accuracy and optimization it needs to compete. NetSuite ensures continuity that can grow and scale with your business from day one and push your business ahead of the curve every year. Learn more about the Outlook for Wholesale Distribution.

    NetSuite Product Features for Transportation & Logistics

    Reporting and Analytics:

    Leverage NetSuite's accounting functionalities to monitor revenues and expenses in a general ledger (GL) and empower decision-makers with automated reports for precise logistics strategies.

    • Real-time business intelligence and transparency into performance within all business functions

    • Gain compliance and fully automate business processes with robust security

    • Create dashboards, reports with KPIs, operational data and financial data at your fingertips

    • Combine all business data into one single integrated source accessible from anywhere, at anytime




    Gain full control over your financial operations and elevate performance with NetSuite. Its streamlined reporting, real-time asset tracking, secure payment processing, and automated workflows boost efficiency and reduce errors.

    • Achieve complete visibility into financials with pre-built reporting and accounting capabilities

    • Report financials accurately and quickly with applicable accounting standards

    • Track and monitor your business’s fixed assets in real-time

    • Process electronic payments from your customers in a secure manner

    • Eliminate error with automated processes instead of spreadsheets and manual data entry.

    • Improve performance throughout the entire organization with role-based dashboards.




    NetSuite helps transportation and logistics companies build a complete customer view across all channels, promoting transparency online and call-center interactions. Additionally, the platform allows for detailed customer profiles based on behaviors and interactions, providing valuable insights for the entire organization.

    • Enhance customer relationships with complete visibility into sales, finance, and support

    • Build reporting around customer interactions and trends available for the entire company

    • Create and generate targeted marketing campaigns and segments to leads and prospects

    • Learn more about your customers with their true lifetime value



    Budgeting and Forecasting

    • Easy-to-use reporting across the business

    • Enhance forecast accuracy and compare actual versus projections to refine financial planning

    • Improve budget with a single integrated version of the truth

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    Inventory and Supply Chain:

    By using a cloud-based ERP system, everyone involved—from suppliers to distributors to delivery partners—stays up-to-date on the status of the supply chain in real time. NetSuite data guarantees efficient distribution management, preventing delays and unexpected challenges. 

    • Gain an accurate, up-to-the-minute, global view of your inventory no matter where it is.

    • Easily control outsourced manufacturing processes and collaborate with supply chain partners

    • Benefit from CM, Vendor, and 3PL Location management.



    Global Business Management:

    • Effortlessly adapt to currency, taxes, and legal compliance locally, regionally and globally

    • Easily manage fulfillment and inventory across multiple locations

    • Global CRM provides visibility into campaigns and forecasts in multiple languages and currencies

    • Reduce time to close with real-time management and financial automation




    • Ensure compliance and establish budget controls

    • Accurately track expenses and timesheets with an online tool


    Why NetSuite?

    Companies in the transportation and logistics industry are increasingly turning to NetSuite for streamlining operations, cutting costs, and boosting efficiency. NetSuite's cloud-based ERP solution provides real-time visibility and control throughout the entire supply chain, empowering quick and informed decision-making. 

    With NetSuite analytics and reporting tools, businesses can monitor performance, spot trends, and accurately predict demand, facilitating strategic planning. NetSuite's automation capabilities help speed up processes and reduce errors, enhancing service reliability. This adaptable and scalable solution tackles the sector's challenges, promoting increased transparency, agility, and competitiveness in the global market.


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