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    How to do a NetSuite Implementation

    Considering a NetSuite ERP implementation? Want to know the steps to a successful go-live? As you get ready to implement NetSuite for your company, here are a few quick things we think you should know beforehand.

    If you need help running your business on a unified platform, NetSuite has the best tools on the market. From sales to accounting, this advanced ERP business system is a unified cloud business management suite that can be customized for your industry and business. If you want to know what a NetSuite implementation entails, you’ve come to the right place for answers in Protelo’s NetSuite implementation guide.

    The NetSuite Implementation Process

    What is a NetSuite Implementation? A NetSuite implementation is the process of setting up and configuring the NetSuite ERP system for an organization. The entire implementation strategy usually consists of planning and preparation, configuration and data migration, testing and training for your NetSuite go-live date. It involves working with consultants to define business needs, customize the software, migrate data, integrate with other systems, provide user training, conduct testing, and ensure a smooth go-live. The duration and complexity vary depending on the organization, but a successful implementation requires careful planning, collaboration, and post-implementation support.

    A strong project manager is critical to a successful NetSuite implementation. Before you start any ERP implementation, you should have a designated project leader. Depending on the size of your company, a NetSuite implementation could become a full-time job for someone. You’ll want to choose a team leader with superior project management abilities. This person will need to know how to address issues quickly and help keep your NetSuite partner informed, and on schedule, with varying internal changes.




    How long does a NetSuite implementation take?
    What does a NetSuite implementation timeline look like? No matter how technical you think you are, an experienced NetSuite partner can save you time and resources with their extensive implementation, customization, and support services. Whether you need an implementation done in 3 months, or have a longer timeline, you’ll want to set realistic expectations so everyone involved has the proper support.

    A general NetSuite implementation timeline can range anywhere from a few months to a few years; however, a six-month implementation is a fairly safe estimate for clients

    How much does it cost to implement NetSuite? The cost of implementing NetSuite can vary depending on the unique requirements of your organization. Our team will closely collaborate with you to evaluate the size, complexity, and scope of your implementation project. Factors such as customization needs, data migration, integration requirements, and training will also impact the overall cost.



    We understand that each organization has its own specific needs and budget considerations. That's why we provide personalized quotes and pricing structures tailored to your requirements. To obtain an accurate estimate, we encourage you to reach out to us directly. Our experienced consultants will guide you through the process and provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in implementing NetSuite for your organization.




    NetSuite Implementation Project Plan:

    1. Formal Introduction: Talk about high level goals, and discuss the overall project scope with your partner.
    2. Establish team: Company will pick a dedicated team to help your NetSuite partner along the way.
    3. Initial Configuration: You’ll engage in many work sessions during your NetSuite implementation. Plot out every business scenario, and learn how those needs will translate into NetSuite best practices (distribution, finance, CRM, and so on).

      Expert Tip: On average, a NetSuite implementation takes a firm 50 – 150 hours to dig deep into the the requirements phase. Even though NetSuite partners bill $150.00 – $250.00 an hour, a thorough investigation and discovery will save your company time and money by avoiding expensive modifications.

    4. Data Migration starts: NetSuite starts absorbing your business information.
    5. Dedicated team learns NetSuite: The dedicated team starts to see new enhancements, and discusses if there are any missing process gaps.
    6. Configuration: Partner starts executing your NetSuite customizations.
    7. Data Migration finishes: Every piece of data from the old system is now in NetSuite.

      Expert Tip: Moving from QuickBooks to NetSuite? On average, consultants will spend anywhere from 3 to 50 hours migrating data for small to midsize businesses. Time is reliant on the quality and amount of data you wish to bring into the system.

    8. Test Case: Dedicated users start testing the system’s ERP functionalities.
    9. Training Phase: The entire company starts getting trained on NetSuite.
    10. Go Live: Your company is officially running NetSuite software for the first time.
    11. Post Go Live Support: Talk with your partner about anything you’re having trouble finding. NetSuite implementation finishes.


    This is a general step by step implementation guide. For example, some companies are brand new and won’t need to undergo a data migration. Some businesses may require a series of technical customizations that will need special coding, whereas other companies may not need anything extra beyond what NetSuite has already created for a specific industry.

    The great thing about NetSuite is that every customer runs on the same version. Unlike most ERP software, you will not need continual integrations as time goes on. Because of this, it’s important to strategize with your NetSuite implementation partner up front, so they can offer up their experience to make the implementation process as efficient as possible. Adding on different/extra NetSuite features than initially planned, will delay your go-live date.


    If you’d like to discuss pricing or requirements for a personalized project, contact our team today. We are here for your business.





    Important ways to ensure a great NetSuite ERP implementation:


    1. Find the best NetSuite partner:
      Work with a NetSuite implementation partner who understands your business goals, budget, required go-live date, customization needs, and current bandwidth. Make sure your NetSuite partner has a good customer history, and check to see if they have a solid Net Promoter Score. This will ultimately reflect how well your consultants understand, and care about, a client’s business and industry needs. A great partner will also ask you the right questions, and guide the NetSuite implementation process effortlessly. Learn why companies like to work with our team to purchase NetSuite, implement, support and customize NetSuite. 
    2. Be open to new ideas:
      Your consultants know what they’re doing, and spend their days working very closely with NetSuite software. As they know how it runs in its most optimized form, make sure that you’re open-minded about different ways to handle business processes. What worked on your old system, may be an archaic way to do something via NetSuite’s technology.
    3. Hold the implementation team accountable:
      Make sure you do proper follow ups, and remain readily available if your partner has questions. If you were remodeling your house, you wouldn’t just vanish as your contractors worked on it, would you? It’s better to ask questions during the process, rather than when it’s done. Really invest in your NetSuite implementation.
    4. Follow the implementation steps:
      This is one of the hardest parts for most clients. It’s exciting to get a new system that will make your company run more efficiently! However, jumping ahead will cause unexpected issues later. Trust your NetSuite consultants, as they know NetSuite best practices.
    5. Know what questions to ask:
      Don’t be afraid to pry. Ask your partner some tough questions. Examples may include,  what business functions are in and out of this project scope? Will you need to do a system analysis? An experienced NetSuite implementation partner won’t be surprised by any of your implementation questions.




    When is the right time to implement NetSuite:

    Deciding when to implement NetSuite depends on various factors like business growth, system limitations, international expansion, regulatory compliance needs, real-time insights, CRM demands, resource availability, budget considerations, and industry best practices. It's crucial to assess if NetSuite aligns with your business needs, objectives, and readiness for change. Successful implementation requires careful planning, evaluation of ROI, and consulting with experts for tailored guidance.

    No matter if you’ve been in business for a long time, or are just starting out on your own, learning how to run a business for efficiency is more than half the battle of attaining every ounce of profit you can. 


    Top NetSuite Implementation Partners

    Protelo is a NetSuite reseller, and we’re passionate about making sure our clients get the best NetSuite implementation possible! From purchasing a NetSuite license, to fully customizing the platform for you, we can help your company pick and choose which features you need most.

    We were recently recognized NetSuite as the Growth Solution Provider Partner of the Year for our excellence. The team would be honored to help guide you through the NetSuite implementation process. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more information about us as NetSuite implementation partner.



    Top NetSuite Implementation Partners
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    Is your business looking for a top NetSuite partner to implement NetSuite? Protelo has over 15 years of experience implementing hundreds of NetSuite customers across the US and Canada. Our NetSuite implementation consultants provide tailored one-on-one support and can help you to implement, service and support NetSuite today.

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