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    NetSuite Modules FAQ & Overview

    Wondering what a NetSuite suite is? What are the NetSuite modules that everyone refers to? How about users — there’s many types of NetSuite users? We’re here to clear up the confusion and provide information you need on the NetSuite packaging and buying basics. 

    Businesses of all sizes, industry, and complexity are leveraging the power of NetSuite, thanks to its highly adaptable features.  
    Every business has unique requirements and processes. NetSuite modules provide the ability to leave behind a “one-size-fits-all" software solution and drill down to meet unique business needs. Dive into our comprehensive guide for an array of frequently asked questions, NetSuite add-on resources, videos, and extra insights about NetSuite's most sought-after modules.



    Popular NetSuite Module Questions and Answers:

    1. What is a NetSuite Module?
    NetSuite Modules enhance NetSuite further with additional features, tools, and customizations to match specific business requirements. Every NetSuite module has been created to solve important business functions by offering the information and tools necessary for employees to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

    Modules are designed to work cohesively and seamlessly integrate into NetSuite’s system, ensuring the most up-to-date, accurate business data from a single source. These systems streamline tasks, reduce errors, and enable strategic focus. NetSuite provides the ability to effortlessly add functionality as a business evolves and its needs change.

    2. What modules come with NetSuite? 
    NetSuite modules offer an extensive range of functionalities, spanning from financial management and e-commerce to manufacturing and project management. Businesses have the option to buy the specific modules that align most with their industry, requirements, and business structure. As a business changes and grows, so should the software functionality. NetSuite modules provide a large list of features that enable NetSuite to meet a business's unique requirements. 

    NetSuite Modules 2024 Overview:
    Check out the latest list of NetSuite modules, organized by industry, and linked for more information to help guide you in your research. If you have additional questions about a specific module, contact our expert NetSuite team.

    NetSuite Financial Management Modules
    - NetSuite Advanced Financials 
    - NetSuite SuiteBilling 
    - NetSuite Revenue Management 
    - NetSuite AP Automation 
    - NetSuite Bill Capture 
    - NetSuite Planning and Budgeting 
    - NetSuite Account Reconciliation 
    - NetSuite Muti-Book Accounting 
    - NetSuite OneWorld
    - NetSuite Fixed Assets Management 
    - NetSuite Electronic Bank Payments 
    - NetSuite Dunning Letters 

    NetSuite CRM Modules 
    - NetSuite CRM 
    - NetSuite Contract Renewals 
    - NetSuite Incentive Compensation 
    - NetSuite CPQ // The Benefits of CPQ

    NetSuite Business Insights Module
    - NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Warehouse 

    NetSuite Order & Inventory Management Modules
    - NetSuite Advanced Inventory Management 
    - NetSuite Smart Count 
    - NetSuite Advanced Order Management 
    - NetSuite Grid Order Management 

    NetSuite eCommerce Modules
    - NetSuite SuiteCommerce 
    - SuiteCommerce Advanced 
    - NetSuite SuiteCommerce Instore 
    - NetSuite SuiteCommerce My Account 
    - NetSuite Connector

    NetSuite HR Modules
    - NetSuite Payroll 
    - NetSuite SuitePeople HR 
    - NetSuite SuitePeople Performance Management 
    - NetSuite Workforce Management 

    NetSuite Professional Services Automation Modules
    - NetSuite SuiteProjects 
    - NetSuite Project Management 
    - NetSuite OpenAir

    NetSuite Supply Chain Modules  
    - NetSuite Procurement 
    - NetSuite Warehouse Management 
    - NetSuite Ship Central 
    - NetSuite Demand Planning 
    - NetSuite Quality Management 
    - NetSuite WIP and Routings 
    - NetSuite Work Orders & Assemblies 
    - NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing
    For more information on each of the listed modules, check out our ultimate guide to NetSuite add-on modules.  

    3. Does a company need add-on modules with a NetSuite package? 
    The need for NetSuite add-on modules varies based on the company's unique processes, goals, and requirements. NetSuite modules are built to improve and expand upon the capabilities offered by the core NetSuite package. Evaluating the company's ongoing operations, future expansion strategies, and any existing obstacles is essential.

    4. What is the difference between SuiteApps and add-on modules?
    Modules are a core part of the NetSuite platform and need to be licensed to enable the functionality. SuiteApps on the other hand are unique add-on applications that were created to solve a unique issue in the system. SuiteApps must be installed separately and are built by NetSuite, third party developers and partners in the NetSuite ecosystem.
    NetSuite has an incredible community of 3rd party developers, internal developers, and individuals capable of creating custom apps to fill a unique business need. The long list of SuiteApps can be found in the SuiteApp Marketplace. Both SuiteApps and add-on modules share the common purpose of enhancing and customizing NetSuite further to better align with a company’s processes and workflows.

    5. Can you add or remove NetSuite modules?
    Modules can be added to your NetSuite system at any time to fit the growing and changing needs of your business. It’s important to note that you can only remove them when your contract is up for renewal. During the contract period, you will be obligated to pay for these modules, so make sure to implement the ones you know you need most. 
    netsuite add-on modules
    6. How are NetSuite users involved with NetSuite modules? 
    Every NetSuite user is assigned a role inside the system that determines their access and permissions to the modules that are relevant to their responsibilities. NetSuite’s role-based system ensures that businesses have the exact tools and functionalities to reach their goals and responsibilities.  

    7. How much do NetSuite modules cost?
    The pricing of NetSuite modules can vary based on your current NetSuite edition and business need. To find out which options are best for your company, contact our NetSuite experts at Protelo or speak to your NetSuite Solution Provider, as they will be able to assess what is needed and can provide a proper quote.

    8. How do you know what NetSuite package or modules are best for a business  

    As a guide to determine the best NetSuite package and add-on modules here are a few tips: 
    1. Identify pain points and where you would like efficiency and improvement in your business. 
    2. Understand the top opportunities for automation and integration in existing processes. 
    3. Pinpoint your industry’s unique business requirements. NetSuite offers many different modules built specifically for industry-specific demands.   
    4. As your business scales consider modules that can support scalability towards future goals

    5. Seek guidance from experienced NetSuite experts to determine the right NetSuite package and add-on modules that are most cost-effective and beneficial for your individual needs

    According to Gartner, more than 53% of IT executives today say that ERP is on the list of investment priorities for 2024. ERP systems have become a crucial business tool for business success, automating processes, centralizing financial and operational data, and enhancing decision-making across all departments. It is our goal to assist companies in finding the right solution for their business.  



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