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    Expand your medical practice with NetSuite’s industry-leading, cloud-based ERP platform.

    Why NetSuite for fast-growing Medical practices? Substantial changes are influencing the medical practice landscape on a daily basis, through perpetual regulation modifications, pressures to remain competitive, control costs and adapt quickly to any circumstance. In this everchanging field, NetSuite allows medical organizations to improve visibility, minimize complexity, and remain flexible in the face of change.

    The days of medical paper files, health records and test results are long gone. As the majority of digital records and information are available online, it is extremely important for modern medical practices to improve connectivity and enhancements throughout health plans, health systems and for their patients.

    According to recent Consensus Study Report on professional well-being, 50 percent of a physician’s workday is spent treating the screen, not the patient, contributing to outdated IT processes that are taking time away from what matters most. To stay ahead of the curve, the entire nation seems to be vying to improve and transform their business through modern technology to become more efficient and automatic to enhance client experience.

    Medical practice and healthcare challenges:

    • Outdated manual processes
    • Inconsistent data metrics
    • Keeping up with compliance
    • Perpetual regulation modifications
    • Insufficient business visibility
    • Inability to scale and make accurate decisions

    NetSuite’s true cloud business management solution provides the foundation medical practices need to streamline critical business processes to save time and eliminate error and confusion. Dynamic and forward-looking, NetSuite provides real-time data insights to allow you to make important path adjustments and project changes for future success.

    NetSuite Benefits:

    • Achieve a 360º real-time view of critical business operations for rapid growth
    • Increase customer satisfaction with personalized interactions, reviews, and targeted information.
    • Process e-payments from your customers and vendors in a secure and compliant manner.
    • Configure specific business processes, workflows and audit trails.
    • Maximize efficiency and ROI and reduce costs with drill-down reporting, KPIs and data metrics.
    • Quickly adapt to meet compliance and make adjustments to processes in an everchanging industry.
    • Replenish and transfer orders across multiple locations
    NetSuite for Medical Practices

    Why NetSuite for Medical Practices

    The healthcare industry is one of the most flourishing industries on the market today, covering over 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

    As it persists to increase, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, businesses need to adapt quickly to modernize or they may fall behind. NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP provides medical practices a unique way to adapt, thrive and grow with proven results, designed for a highly specialized business. Built for the cloud, NetSuite offers the built-in flexibility you need to adopt new business models and advance in organizational growth.

    Learn why leading medical practices across the globe are moving to NetSuite to achieve the power and flexibility they need to accelerate in a fast-growing industry.

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