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What is the new NetSuite two-factor authentication requirement?

2018.2 two-factor authentication (2FA) became mandatory for login to the NetSuite UI with highly privileged roles (such as the Administrator role). These roles are required to enter a verification code from an authenticator app or SMS message to access NetSuite.

What else is affected?

Also, as of 2018.2, enforcement of the mandatory 2FA requirement began for integrations that use a highly privileged role for accessing NetSuite.

What does it mean for my NetSuite instance?

All non-UI integrations send web services requests, use APIs or call RESTlets—these integrations will need to be modified to meet the new two-factor authentication requirement. ALL non-UI integrations should be checked for two-factor authentication compliance.

In the NetSuite Two-factor Authentication Health Check, Protelo will:

  • Detect which web services integrations and RESTlets need to be updated.
  • Work with the third-party application and the related integration record in NetSuite for necessary updates.
  • Modify roles to change the usage of highly privileged roles that require 2FA or create a new role that has only the permissions required to complete the task.
  • Check if customization of standard NetSuite roles should be performed to remove unnecessary privileges.
  • Coordinate with third-party integration partner to update inbound Single Sign-on (SSO) to Token Based Authentication (TBA) for APIs accessing NetSuite.

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