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NetSuite vs Intacct Comparison

NetSuite vs. Intacct: Key Differences to Know

NetSuite and Intacct are two of the top leading cloud ERP platforms in the market today.

As they both claim that they are built for the modern business with advanced functionality, it is critical tounderstand the MAJOR differences separating the two.

NETSUITE is a modern accounting system with a single database that allows companies to grow, become more complex and manage key business processes in a single system. NetSuite is engineered to scale with businesses as they grow. NetSuite eliminates the need for separate applications for critical business functions and seamlessly connects information across the business in one single unified source. NetSuite’s “born in the cloud” suite delivers finance, accounting, billing, revenue recognition, governance, risk and compliance, global financial consolidation and more. With NetSuite, your company can say goodbye to hardware, upfront license fees, maintenance fees, and complex setups.

NetSuite has a proven track record for growth and offers a dedicated team to manage your account from the initial phase, the implementation, go-live and beyond. With two planned releases every year, NetSuite customers are automatically on the latest version with instant features and updated functionality.
Start with best-in-class accounting software, then layer in other capabilities as needed.

NetSuite Highlights

• 16,000+ customers

• 203 countries

• 27 supported languages

• 190 different currencies

• 24/7 support | Live courses

• SuiteSuccess Implementation

• A proven track record for growth

• Real-time information

• Implementation and customization ease

INTACCT is one of the leading accounting software companies up against NetSuite. Sage Intacct is primarily an accounting solution, with no out-of-the-box capabilities, or suite offerings. Intacct is not a complete suite. Additional functionality is offered in a modular format with an added cost. Simply put, Intacct does not scale as the customer grows. Intacct has most of its experience with small and outsourced accounting operations, has a limited presence with mid-sized and international companies, and offers restricted customer support.

Targeting customers of all sizes, Intacct markets itself as a modern system even though some aspects of the system leverage legacy architecture with separate sub-ledgers for accounts receivable and payable. Intacct’s accounting system requires a host of integrated applications to even stand close to what NetSuite ERP provides right out of the box.

Intacct Highlights:

• 12,000 customers

• 21 public companies

• Supports the English language only

• US focused

• Limited support hours 6am-6pm

• Post go live DIY manual


NETSUITE SuiteSuccess is easy to use right out of the box and designed with industry leading best practices to maximize your ROI. NetSuite comes pre-configured with reports, real-time dashboards, alerts, and KPIs for your specific needs from day one. No matter the job function, every member of your team can hit the ground running with NetSuite’s intuitive SuiteSuccess solution.

Intacct is dependent on their implementation partners to create and customize an effective package for a company’s ultimate use. Dashboards and visuals shown during the initial sales cycle are put forward only as suggestions for your final product and completely dependent on the partner implementing. Since every business is different, Intacct proudly markets that its highly customizable features can be tailored to meet your individual business needs. But all of that comes with a huge price tag.

According to PCMAG.COM, “Intacct is equally compared to NetSuite OneWorld…it looks, feels and operates very similarly to NetSuite overall as it was also designed from the get-go as a cloud-based, Saas application.” Don’t believe everything you read.

SIX reasons why fast-growing businesses choose NetSuite over Sage Intacct

NetSuite vs Sage Intacct direct comparison

Sage vs NetSuite Comaprison


Multi Tax / Currency / Location / Language:
NetSuite: Capabilities are included in the Suite
Intacct: Being US focused and written in English, Intacct requires separate books for additional languages and currencies by purchasing an additional module.

Project Management:
NetSuite: Capabilities are included in the Suite. NetSuite PSA helps you accurately plan, track and execute projects.
Intacct: Offers a PSA-Lite solution with limited capabilities that cannot stand-alone as a true “solution”.

Transform your business with NetSuite, the #1 cloud ERP system on the market.

NetSuite has achieved many awards for being the leader in ERP, helping some of the most innovative, fast-growing companies in the business world today! NetSuite continues to improve and strengthen its software with every update and is the #1 Cloud ERP business management suite on the market. With more than 18,000 customers running on NetSuite, NetSuite is 10 times larger than the next largest competitor in the ERP market.

Protelo and NetSuite Partnership

Providing unparalleled service as a top-tier NetSuite Solutions Provider, Protelo implements business technology solutions and services that drive efficiency and solve the challenges modern businesses face. The Protelo team of technology experts have assisted hundreds of small, midmarket and enterprise companies across diverse industries and verticals in achieving their business goals.

Through tailored business software development, implementation, services and management, we have helped our clients streamline business processes and the flow of critical information. From the planning stages to managed services, Protelo is an end-to-end provider of business software expertise.

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